All I Do Is…..

Win, winning, win at winning! This has been the buzzword around my work recently. And it has turned into a bastardization of the English language. A complete forsaking of thought and content A list of recent examples in my life of “How to win” as modeled by managers and executives in meetings I have attended:

  • “What matters is not if we fix the problem! We win when we make sure that the people with problems don’t get surveys!” – A local manger shares his thoughts on customer experience scores.
  • “Good job everyone, we are now second worst in the company. This is a big win for us.” – This was true. Its amazing how satisfying lowering the bar can be.
  • “Winning is all we do.” – this was the preface to the CEO’s internal letter about Q1 results which according to all involved were wickedly sub par.
  • SHOW ME HOW YOU WIN!” – an email from the regional sales president. Also the next hit from DJ Kahled. The color and size are toned down for the safety of the reader. Nothing makes me succeed faster than large, colorful language thrown my way, so I guess that’s a win.
  • “I am winning currently by making sure that every interaction is a win. And those wins combine to really win at winning.” – This was an email I sent. I was kind of being a douche, but lo and behold the email was circulated to 1200 people in the region as an example of “an awesome attitude and approach.” FML

Maybe we would win if we dug our heads out of the winning ass and had real conversations about what we want. I know this sounds crazy but sometimes its okay to tone down the cult vibe and have conversations with people as though we were not all lobotomized by the winning machine. How refreshing is it when someone does more in conversation than ejaculate your local corporate business-isms on your desk and leave? It may sound anachronistic, but language was created to give transmission to the colorful and intricate workings of your mind we often call “thoughts.” We have a palate of words with which to convey deep meaning and intricate nuance, perhaps we could use them.

Or maybe DJ Kahled is onto something: All I Do is….

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