Thought Leaders for the Insecure – PT 1

You are in a meeting discussing plans to move forward on a new tool. A business tool that many of the higher up believe will provide some great value to the company. But what this tool is and how to build it needs to be decided on. Many important people are gathered and one of them begins to speak. Suddenly, like a firework in the darkest night, bright and bold words illuminate the room. Many are enraptured, but you, you are struck with the cold truth. The bitter cup is yours. Those words, bright and flashy, are completely devoid of what any rational human would understand to be meaningful content. This one, this ejaculator of flashy phrases and buzzy business words, is dangerous.

He is a mortar launching booming phrases like;

“gamification of this current ideating segment”

“agile platform dashboards”

“synergistic antagonism”

“thought experimental MVP”

“global-centric innovative cloud”

“but, what is the ROI on this?”


While admittedly there are times to ask that final question, the individual in question will ask it at every opportunity because at some point the shitty business leadership book they read said to keep it in mind. No situation is off limits to the ROI question or any term of similar ilk. A good example is asking in any situation “but how does this sound in the cloud?

This person can sink a project, cripple a meeting, and divide an organization. The danger lies not in spewing nonsense, any fool can do that. The danger lies in the fact that often these people become thought leaders among the insecure. It becomes imperative that this sort of mental heresy be identified and contained at the beginning, before it can spread. I will discuss how to contain the damage in part two of this topic.

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