An Ego Justly Won

The window view is of traffic and a park a little further off.  This tenth floor window peers out of a modest conference room where a group of successful men and women are mulling ideas of progress and transformation.  The group of a dozen or so has segmented into two groups, one on each side.  Both sides have circled up to throw around their dreams and weigh them on the scales of opinion.  Collaboration on a superfluous level comes easy but true collaboration is fleeting.  With success comes a well won ego.

The ego is Homeric in flavor, as the Greeks believed that the strong deserved to be the proud.  That an ego wasn’t hubris as long as it was supported by a record of success or a true ability.  Now these managers lack the pantheon of gods telling them it is fine to continue as they are, but they seem to have overcome this issue by the monetary rewards or professional titles they have received. The observer however may have difficulty with this.  How do people know that these egos are just?

The world proposes a simple test.  Listen to the ideas, listen to the words.  No epics or ballads exist to tell of heroes, men are left to search for themselves.  In a conference room, on the tenth floor of a simple office complex this test was in motion.  Testing their thoughts against each other these men and women were writing their own modern day epics.  Epics written in strategies and progress.  Having an idea accepted and acted on would cement one’s right to an ego.  This ego justly won would be attested to by the future they had set in motion with their own words and ideas.

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